Shop Pricing

Our Shop minimum is $150 for tattoos. That’s because our artists pour their heart and soul into each design, ensuring you get a top-notch tattoo that lasts a lifetime. No matter if you’re after a small and delicate piece or a larger, more intricate design, we’ve got you covered. So come on over to Boerne Tattoo and let us bring your ideas to life with ink that’ll blow your mind!

Lacey Pricing

Lacey requires a deposit for all appointments to ensure a smooth and reliable tattoo experience. A deposit of $200 is necessary, regardless of the session duration. Our pricing structure is based on half-day and full-day sessions. For a half-day session lasting approximately 4 hours, the total cost is firm at $700, even if it does not take the entire session to complete your tattoo. Similarly, our full-day session lasting around 7-8 hours has a firm rate of $1400. These prices reflect the time and expertise Lacey dedicates to creating exceptional tattoos. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to bringing your tattoo ideas to life

Ben Pricing

Ben provides a personalized experience for each client. To secure your appointment with ben, we require a deposit of $100, ensuring your spot in our schedule. Unlike Lacey’s  Fixed pricing, Ben offers custom quotes for each tattoo based on your unique design and specifications. This tailored approach allows him to consider factors such as size, complexity, and placement, providing you with an accurate and fair price for your desired tattoo. Contact us today to discuss your tattoo ideas and receive a custom quote for your dream tattoo.  Consultations will be considered on an as needed basis.